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Introducing Observable

Solving the last-leg data analytics problem for SaaS businesses

3 min read • Published

Lindsey Renken

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

Big data and business analytics are two key phrases that are prevalent in discussions about startups and growth. These are important topics and it is understandable that companies are funneling considerable resources into collecting data and performing analysis in hopes that these efforts will help them grow their business.

The problem is, there is generally too much data with a lot of noise for most teams to analyze effectively, and business analytics typically happens on a department-by-department basis. Ultimately, companies are struggling to glean holistic, actionable insights easily from their analysis efforts. These challenges are especially common for teams without data scientists or team members with relevant experience.

In talks with startups from around the world, we have realized a few problems that keep arising: teams are performing analysis ad-hoc using customer-triggered event collection tools, and updating spreadsheets manually to record if customers have reached certain milestones and KPIs. Then, customers are manually segmented to take further action with or monitor more closely. Often times, information is incomplete, analysis is too slow, and windows of opportunity for taking appropriate action are missed.

Other analytics or data products on the market give you a snapshot of your data by department or time window, but you still need to do the heavy lifting to bring it all together, find insights, maintain the analysis over time, and communicate relevant information to each department effectively.

That’s where Observable comes in - we streamline the process of data analytics for startup growth. How do we do this? By framing data in context and focusing on the 20% of the work that makes 80% of the difference for SaaS businesses.

More specifically, Observable integrates with products you already use, imports your customer-triggered events, marketing, product, engineering and revenue data, then creates a holistic picture of aggregate and individual customer journeys experienced while interacting with your product and brand. You can then use this information to create detailed, personalized growth strategies, measure your progress, and automate action items. This will ultimately free up your team to focus on what they do best.

With Observable, you can answer critical questions quickly and easily and without the need for anyone from your team to write SQL queries or sift through data. The analysis is performed in an opinionated fashion and is generalizable to SaaS, yet customizable for each business.

Due to the structured nature of the analysis, we can offer Observable at a lower initial price-point compared to competing solutions that are typically thousands of dollars a month.

Our goal at Observable is to help your team become 10x more effective.

If you’re curious as to whether Observable can help your business, make sure to apply for our Founding Customer Program to gain early access.